If You’re Not Branding, You’re Doing It Wrong

A Brand Is The Logo Of A Business. In Short, Sort Of, But Not Completely Accurate.

A brand is the customer experience. From the first interaction with the logo, a salesperson’s demeanor, the product or service itself, to the follow-up call from customer service and/or even the owner to ensure your experience went smoothly. All of these components help to create a relationship between the visual appearance of the logo and how your brand is perceived, or what it stands for. Moreover, differentiating your business from competitors is what makes your company the right choice. Continue reading “If You’re Not Branding, You’re Doing It Wrong”

Do More With Video

Website background video. by dvelopt

Are you reaching your audience with content for faster consumption using video?  You should be. And, here’s why.

Video helps visitors take in the brand. Creating a video for your site and/or youtube channel is a great way to communicate your brand values to visitors within seconds. Without face-to-face interactions, a video is a great way to connect with your audience faster. Continue reading “Do More With Video”

Why Should I Send Communications To My Clients?

Image of a microphone in front of audience
Grab the virtual mic and let your existing clients and potential new ones know what you’re up to.

Emails, Blog, Social Media Engagement, Ad Words Advertising. Start The Conversation With Your Audience.

Keeping an open conversation with your audience is key to putting you on top of the buy list.  Stay relevant and stay fresh in the minds of your audience by implementing strategies utilizing all lines of communication to reach them frequently. Continue reading “Why Should I Send Communications To My Clients?”

Is My Website Mobile Friendly?

Image of an iphone with a mobile optimized site.
Are You Mobile? An image used to convey the importance of mobile first design

Is Your Company’s Experience Optimized For Mobile Devices? It Should Be. Here’s Why.

Year-over-year growth of mobile users continues to gain on desktop numbers. mobile experiences are improving. Increased average time on site due to better mobile experiences and decreased bounce rates are leading to even more conversions.

Continue reading “Is My Website Mobile Friendly?”